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"Surgeon of Steel"



Paul J.
Mark is truly amazing. He really is a surgeon of steel. He was flexible with my schedule and did such an amazing job on my car that it looked like the dent was never there. Mark will go to battle for you to get any dent out. To him, he is going to war against the metal and he does not like to lose. He never gave up on this difficult dent I had on my hood when others would have. He treated my car like his own and if the people at Ferrari trust him, so should you. His skill and expertise is second to none and I am a very satisfied customer. I know you would be too if you call Mark to fix your dent/ding. Thanks again Mark for making my car brand new again! 

Mark's work is absolutely flawless! I have been a loyal customer for over 4 years and have utilized his services several times. He is courteous, professional, and efficient. And he's mobile!  Perfect for busy people who take pride in their vehicles. I have referred him to family and friends and have received nothing short of satisfaction from the results. Thanks Mark for your excellent work!

Mark amazed me with his persistence in removing my difficultly placed dent on a body line of my new vehicle.  He was determined to remove the dent, and he came through with flying colors.  Not only was he friendly and knowledgeable, but he was on time.  He called me about thirty minutes before his arrival to let me know that he was on the way, which I greatly appreciated.  He even did the job on a Saturday in order to accommodate my schedule.  I have already raved about his work to several people I know, and I would definitely call him again if the need arises. Mark is a true surgeon of steel!

I have a beautiful Jaguar XK* convertible.  Unfortunately, my kids opened our other car door into the side of my Jaguar over and over again.  It seemed as if the entire side of my car was dented.  I never thought that anyone would be able to fix this.  Mark was called in and he saved the day. He even fixed a dent in the top of my trunk (I don't know how he did this).  I cannof believe that my car looks like new again.  I now have Mark's card in my address book and would call him without reservation.  Thank you Mark for making my car look new again!

I have a high gloss black S-class Mercedes; so every ding will stand out.  Mark came to my office, and as I worked uninterrupted, Mark worked on my car.  The results were FLAWLESS.  He challenged me to see the repairs: and I couldn't. I am very particular with my car (no commercial car washes for me), and now the only other person I would have touch my car would be Mark.  He made my car look like a showroom model again and at very reasonable cost.  Mark is a true craftsman, and if they did give out degrees in this business, Mark would certainly rise to the level of Doctor.

The first time I called on "Dr. Ding" he removed a 10 inch crease from the hood of my Mercedes.  The results of his work were impressive; he truly demonstrated the patience and expertise of a surgeon.  Four years later when I put a dent in the front side of my car and thought that the damage was beyond any kind of "ding",  I went directly to a body shop.  I was told I had paint damage and that I would need to leave the car in the shop for at least three days.  I called Mark for a "second opinion", and after a thorough examination, he said, "I can do this."  He did-and at half the price and within a day.  It turned out that there was no paint damage, and when he finished, my car looked brand new.  Mark takes great pride in both his expertise and his work ethic.  And, he is a doc who makes house calls--who could ask for more?

Mark is so amazing... When I called Mark I was really upset with my son because he opened my car door and hit a tree. Mark was able tell in my voice that I was upset and the first thing he said to me was don't worry about it, if it's something I can fix, I will make your car look brand new again like nothing never happened. Mark came to my office the next day and said this is no big deal I can take care of this in about 15 minutes. I went back inside to work while Mark was working on my car then I get a call in 20 minutes telling me my car is fixed. When I walked outside I couldn't believe what an amazing job he had done. I will be referring all my family and friends to Mark. Thank you again for doing such a great job:)

Mr. Davis has been working on my high end automobiles for over ten years. He never fails to satisfy my demanding perfectionism. His talent, courtesy, professionalism and reliability is truly one of a kind. I would definitely recommend him to those who demand nothing but the best.

Outstanding job on my 360 Ferrari Modena. I highly recommend Mark

I have used M.D.Dings on two of my cars and it is unbelievable how flawless my cars look!  Mark is a true artist and I have recommended him to everyone that I know.  Customer service is a top priority and it really shows.  I will use Mark for every vehicle that I ever own.

You made my dent disappear. It's like it never happened. Thanks Mark!.

All I can say is "WOW".  Mark did an amazing job of making the dents on our BMW disappear!  I would highly recommend Mark to anybody in need of dent removal.  Thanks Mark!!

Mark does amazing work! I've used Mark's services about 4 times now on my own cars, sister's car, and friend's car. The "Doc" still does not cease to amaze me on how he can make a car look like new again. Thanks again Mark!

Mark's work is much more than simply repairing dings, it is an art form which requires a very talented artist. His work on my brand new Lexus exceeded my expectations and his own. It was truly flawless superseded only by his kindness and honesty.  I will use him in the future and recommend him to anyone that wants a masterpiece. Thanks again Mark.

When you hire Mark, you are engaging a precision craftsman. Mark worked on 2 cars of mine and did superb work. The dings and dents were gone and the panels looked factory fresh.
Mark's work is very good.  He worked on my Acura NSX (aluminum) and my Porsche Speedster and both cars came out perfect.  I am very satisfied and would definitely recommend him to anyone.  Excellent work!  Thanks Mark!
Mark has worked on many of my cars over the years. In each and every case, his results have been spectacular. On his last visit, he was able to completely restore a difficult area of the bonnet of my BB512i Ferrari. Not only did the exterior come out perfect, but I was very particular about retaining the finish on the underside as well. Mark was very patient, and his expectation of perfection was as high as my own. There is no question that the area on which he worked looks better than when the car left the Ferrari factory. In Mark's profession, the true measure of perfection is when there is no mark left behind as a sign of the work that was done. There is nary a trace that Mark actually ever touched my car. The phrase is bandied about rather easily these days, but Mark is a true master of his craft.
I own an exotic car dealership in Orange County and have used Mark exclusively for nearly eight years.  I am extremely demanding of those who work on my cars.  I have long since lost track of how many times Mark has done the impossible.  When it comes to paintless dent removal, I wouldn't dare use anyone else. 

What an outstanding job on my Porsche Turbo. His skill and expertise is second to none and I am a very 
satisfied customer.  Highly recommend Mark

I used Mark's services for my Lexus. He is the best and most efficient skilled dent repair person I have used
or seen. He is mobile and very fast for the quality of his work. I would highly recommend him.

Mark took a dent out of my wife's car the size of a small plate. Someone apparently sat on the quarter panel while the car was in a busy parking lot.  The damage was in an area where the body turned in different directions. Mark very patiently worked this spot to the point where the damage is totally invisible. He did a perfect job!  In addition he took multiple door dings out, all done with a level of perfection and patience that is uncommon today. I am very satisfied and will not hesitate to call Mark again, if the need arises. 

Mark does the best job on dings and dents I have ever seen. Super work and a great guy to deal with with. His expertise is second to none.

I have a White Mercedes that is new to me.  I was shocked when I approached my car and saw a small dent and no phone number was left.  I looked in the yellow pages and called a paintless dent remover. I was told it was too large to do paintless but for $450.00 he would remove it. So I went to an auto body shop for an estimate.  $744.00.  Ouch!!!  So I was visiting a client and told him what happened to my new car and he hands me Mark's business card and says "Call this guy, he will work wonders for you." Mark did his magic on my car for only $150.00!!!  Mark, I will be your best spokes person ever.  Thanks again!!!

Mark is the man of the ding repair period!  My Audi S4 was really dinged up by a previous owner and Mark put it back into a brand new condition. Simply, the best of the best services! Cheers! Jan

Mark is awesome, took out my door ding even in the rain! Thanks Mark!

Mark did a great job, was very quick, and priced right!

WOW!!  This is amazing!!  I was truly skeptical about this, and ignorant to its process. But after having watched Mark work his magic on my brand new VW GTI, it was unbelievable. I had a quarter-sized dent
on my drivers side door, just under the window. Everyday I approached my car I would get irritated. One day I heard about Mark and his paintless dent removal and I decided to make an appointment. Since he was within my price range, I thought "I've got nothing to lose" except the dent. Mark showed up on-time, with his cute pooch by his side. He took about an hour to remove the dent on my car. He even removed the minor
scratches that had been left behind!!!. If your are doubtful about this DON'T fear!  He is a true Surgeon of Steel!!  He will leave your baby good as new. I am SO satisfied with Mark's work. He is a miracle worker!!  I will recommend his work to EVERYONE that I know:)(:

Mark's work is amazing!  He is a skilled craftsman who takes obvious pride in his work. If you are picky about how your car looks, call  Mark for help with dings and dents.  I can't imagine anyone doing a better job.  He used the same care and high standard of performance on my Chevy truck that got him the testimonials about his work on exotic cars.  He is honest & fair in his pricing, too.
Wow, I'm so impressed. Mark is truly a craftsman. Did excellent work on my car. I thought I was going to have to have the part replaced because the dent was pretty deep. Mark got the dent out and included a couple of dings, and it looks good as new.......not to mention, very reasonable. He's an artist. Thank you Mark. 
2010 Camaro. Ding here, Ding there, Ding anywhere!  Mark got it out, Door panel, body line, no drilling, Made it look 100% New!
I accidentally backed into my husband's Lexus LS460 on his right front fender. I thought for sure the car would need body work and paint. We are so glad we called M.D. Dings first, because he was able to fix it and the result is amazing. I highly recommend calling him before going anywhere else!
Mark's work is very impressive, to say the least. Mark's theory is all or nothing. He removed something I didn't think was even possible!  I was so thrilled and happy to see my brand new Ford Flex back to it's original condition. Thank you Mark for being a perfectionist and also for your terrific customer service. I also read all of the other testimonials and agree completely with them! 
My name is Frank. I drive a 740-IL BMW in which I have had no accidents nor any dings. One day I had just left the library and thought to take my car to the car wash.  While I was waiting for my car, the attendant came over and asked me "do you own a 740 BMW?"  I answered yes, and then he stated that a problem had occurred. We walked over to my car and he pointed to a football size dent on the passenger door. Well I had a few words to say about that, "*&%^#@*!"  Somebodies truck had rolled into my door!  A few day's later I received a call from Mark asking how to get to my place so he could work on the car, Well, we met up and Mark started to proceed to work on the car, Personally, when he started to push, ping, pop,and tap on the door I thought "there is no way this dent is going to come out!." I'm going to have to put in more time and money, in which I do not have, into either leaving the car for further repair or even painting it. To my personal amazement Mark finished a couple of hours later and what I thought was a wreck, was now like NEW!  Mark has a magical talent when it comes to what he does, Thank you Mark for helping me and I look forward to calling you if I ever need any help with either of my other cars. Best Regards...Frank B.
I once told my wife that if the Porsche ever got dinged, I would sell it.  Got dinged, but it's here to stay. 
Thanks Doc.

Yeah!!  My car is back to looking brand new! I spoke with Mark at 6:00pm on Tuesday about a dent on my brand new Toyota Corolla and it was fixed by 2:00pm the next day. Not only that, but when Mark got there he informed me that it was actually going to cost less than he originally quoted me over the phone to fix the dent and scratches. Mark was wonderful from start to finish. Highly recommended!!!
Mark Davis really does wonders with dings.  I've had him fix 3 dings in the past 3 months and it's like magic.  Presto, and they're gone!  His schedule is flexible and his prices are fair and reasonable.  Thanks for the great work Mark!  I'm a lifetime customer and I would definitely recommend him without any hesitation. 

My 2002 Acura MDX had a bit of an altercation with a tree  . . . and the tree won!  Even though Mark's initial reaction was "Oh my gosh, what did you do?"  It did not deter him from the task of making it look as good as new.  In fact, the challenge was a thrill for Mark who obviously loves what he does and is a master pro at it!  I would recommend Mark to everyone I know and all future business of mine is his.

Mark, Thanks for the excellent job on my Excursion, I didn't think it would come out so clean. You made a very bad dent disappear.
Mark just left and I must say I was impressed !!!  Mark understood my concern for my vehicle, a 2010 Prius. I may not own $100k vehicle but he treated me as if I owned one.  The car came out excellent and I was very satisfied with the quality of his work.  Thank you again Mark, I am rest assured when I sleep tonight !!!
Quality beyond Comparison that's M.D. Dings.

Mark just did his magic on my RS4. One of the dings was too close to the edge of the door and the only way Mark could get to it was from over three feet away. We decided to give it a shot and literally before my eyes he was able to get the ding to disappear.  Mark is a true car guy and will treat any ones vehicle like its his own. Very highly recommended. 
I had Mark repair a door ding (Vacuum cleaner tipped onto it!) on my Gray Porsche 911 a few years back, and was amazed at the result.  I referred 2 other people to him, who were equally amazed.  Last weekend, I backed my daily driver, an unblemished white Toyota Tacoma into a wrought iron fence, the vertical post grazing the rear corner of the car, leaving paint on my taillight, bumper, and paint, and sadly, leaving a palm sized dent in the driver's side rear fender, right at the crease line.  It appeared the paint was intact, so I called Mark up on Monday night, and left a message, which was returned within one hour.  Mark came to my  workplace the next day, and worked his magic on the truck.  He used the correct polishing liquid, and removed the sizable dent to the point where it was undetectable, at a cost less than he originally quoted me.  The fact that the dent was on the crease line made it a challenging repair, but Tenacious Mark (with his equally tenacious dog watching from his work truck) worked his magic. He is amazing, and takes pride in his work!
There was a small dent on the lip of one of the front fenders on my Mercedes. Mark came to my home and when he finished, I could not tell where the dent had been. He is that good and is very reasonable. Watch out for the dog however.
My family coined the term "ridiculous nice" about the Grand Wailea Hotel in Maui, meaning beyond any reasonable expectations. Mark's work is truly ridiculous nice!
Mark is simply the best. I lost his number two years ago after he fixed my car. I waited all that time to find him to fix my son's car. He is the only person I would have touch my cars.

I just had my 4th car dent fixed by Mark. This one was especially important because it was my wife's car and she is a perfectionist!  Neither of us could tell after wards where the 10 inch dent was before. The price was incredible, especially considering what it would have cost at the body shop. Great Job Mark!!

Incredible!  Mark took care of a couple of door-dings in my daughter's new car in a matter of minutes.  You can't even tell that the dings were ever there. It is very evident that Mark takes pride in his work. Excellent, friendly service at a very fair price.  Thanks, Mark.

I've known Mark for over 4 years and his work speaks for itself. He has taken dents out of 2 of my cars and they look as if there was never a dent to begin with. He always goes the extra mile to figure out the best way to remove the dent while leaving the car in factory condition. We laughed when he was done because he went back to polish the spot where the dent was and we couldn't find it!  Thanks for the great service Mark!
First permit me to say that I take pride in owning cars that are a few years old and possibly becoming classics. I also pride myself in owning cars that are different and maybe not too many of them were manufactured. Withe saying all that, allow me to say that Mark was recommended to me by someone who  just marveled at Mark's professionalism and expertise in what he does. I have a 2002 Beetle TurboS.  One day I noticed on the right rear panel a ding that you could see and notice from a distance. This of course bothered me and I asked around as to what to do, and Mark's name came up. I met Mark at my high school where I work and I was extremely impressed withe his professionalism, his attitude and sense of expertise.  He evaluated the situation and took the time to see if he could even get to the area.  He was very candid and honest with me explaining that because it was in a certain area, and they way that these cars are built, he may not be able to fix it. He also explained that if he could not fix it or correct the problem to where I was satisfied, there was no fee. I ask you who today, especially when you are self-employed, has that kind of guarantee? Well Mark tried once, then twice, and could not find a passage way that would permit him to get to the ding. Mark took his time to figure it out and within 15 minutes had found a way to get the ding pushed out and then proceeded to bring out some very intricate and precise tools for what he does. The equipment that he uses are things that I have never seen anyone in his profession use.  He explained that what he uses, and the training that he received to do this kind of work, was not what everyone gets. I could go on and on about Mark but in conclusion, I was impressed by his persistence and expertise in addressing my ding and finding the means to fixing the problem. I would recommend Mark to anyone because he is far above the rest.  He takes pride in what he does and it shows.
My car had 5 creases in both horizontal and vertical ways. It looked really bad.
After talking to 4 different shops, I decided to work with Mark. I am glad that I made
the right decision. I am extremely happy with the outcome. His work ethic and his skills                          
are amazing. I know now who to call if I get a dent on my car. Again, great job Mark! 
Mark is awesome. I had a series of dents in my hood from parking under a tree at Mammoth. These huge ice balls fell on the hood and left six to eight round depressions. Mark got in there and worked the steel back into shape and left me with a beautiful hood without the grief of a body shop. He worked with my schedule and location to get the job done. His is the only number I keep for paintless dent repair.

Mark is absolutely amazing! I just bought a 911 Carrera with only 4,000 miles. The problem was I had 6 door dings. Mark came over and found a total of 18 dings. He removed all the dings with no damage to the paint. I am thrilled with the results. I am telling my friends about Mark's wonderful work. Call the "Surgeon of Steel" for any dent/ding you may have. Mark is the Michelangelo of door dings.

Just had him fix the major dent in my truck tailgate today. Someone kicked it. My dad teaches automotive and thought it was no use trying to fix it. Mark spent the time and repaired it to where there was no distortion in images reflecting off the paint. Great person too!  Well worth the money!  Great job!

Many years ago, I had just gotten a brand new suburban..was at Costco, and a freak wind storm came up and threw a cart into my BRAND NEW CAR!!  I got to work and was frantic--so my bosses gave me a card for dent removal. Mark appeared...and could tell by my face that it wasn't good. With his calming ways....he reassured me that it would be "just like new"....I have found out through all these years, and MANY cars since that I have had him fix---that he is a MAN OF HIS WORD!!!  He means what he says---and says what he means....his motto being "a man is nothing without his word"...He is a miracle worker...and I put 200% trust in him and him alone!!  He will work until it is perfect!! I have found nothing that he can't fix..and if he can't fix it he doesn't charge!! I HIGHLY recommend Mark Davis as your one and only paintless dent removal man!!!

This guy is amazing, the last of a dying breed. A man who says what he means and means what he says. I found him completely upfront and honest and he did an incredible job in just a couple of hours! He is truly an artist at what he does and really cares about his work and stands by it. I called him, told him I had a few dings, one more serious than the other two. I also said I had some protrusions on my trunk but he was honest and said I only do small dents and dings. He was very specific about asking me what the dings were like and where they were so he could give an honest estimate. I met him and he noticed a few more dings I didn't even know were there. He also said he could fix the little protrusions on trunk, and that he had thought my description on phone was more serious than it was. At any rate, he fixed everything, completely unnoticeable, I'm talking 10 various dings for around 300 dollars in two hours time. I just sat at Starbucks and waited for him. He could have easily charged more {3 dings to 10} but I could tell he wanted to keep it close to his original estimate. He said "I'd rather have you as a customer for the next 20 years than rip you off one time."  I like that philosophy and I liked him. We ended up having a nice talk afterwords. I highly recommend Mark. He's honest, he's passionate about his work, and he does the job he says that he will, all for a reasonable price. What more could one ask? If you need dings fixed, go to this guy. You won't be disappointed. He gives 100% to get the job done right. Kevin

Mark removed three dings from my car, two were small dings from grocery carts at Costco, the other was a 12 inch long crease on a passenger door that looked spectacular after he was done. I recommend Mark and the experience he has to offer.


I appreciate your hard work Mark. He did my Nisson GT-R and my co-worker's BMW Mini Coopers dings flawlessly. The Mini was a really hard one to get the job done. My co worker had called some dent repair
guys up in Dallas a couple of months ago. They came up, took a look at the vehicle and shook their heads.
They said "this can't be fixed by PDR" and refused to fix it, cause it was too difficult. Mark worked on it without hesitation
and got the dent out perfectly!

Mark removed a fender dent and accompanying crease involving two body lines. Mark is honest, courteous, professional and has tremendous patience - and - he is very highly skilled. Mark worked diligently to remove the dent and crease in my wife's car for over two hours. He took ownership of and responsibility for her car, which was greatly appreciated. Mark is definitely a surgeon of steel. I enjoyed visiting with him and watching him work. Thanks Mark, we are very happy with the results and we will recommend you to family and friends!

Mark is truly the only man on this planet who could have achieved this kind of perfection. I was in Palm Desert a couple of weeks ago , and I had just got this beautiful expensive Merecedes Benz. I went to a brand new gym to work out and I parked as far away as I could to avoid door dings. I came out of the gym a couple hours later and somebody had shot up all my windows and left a bullet dent at the top of my door. I went to two Mercedes dealerships they said the dent was to hard to get to. A friend told me about M.D.Dings. Mark came out and he actually had to modify some of his tools for this specific impossible job. When he was done I couldn't believe it, I almost started to cry. He repaired a bullet dent out of an impossible area to get to. The man is an artist of the highest order, my car is brand new again ,,,thanks Mark.

Mark is a super nice guy who takes immense pride in his work. He will do an excellent job at a better than reasonable price. If you are thinking about getting dings removed from you car, but aren't sure that it will be done properly or for a fair price, think no more. Mark is your man. Hire him right away. Thank you Mark!

I was referred to Mark, thinking he could remove some door dings in my Mercedes. Wow! Not only did he remove over a dozen door dings in one door, but he miraculously managed to straighten our a front fender that was far beyond a "ding". I had planned on just leaving that area alone, as my car is old and I thought it wouldn't make sense cost-wise. However, I was totally wrong....Mark made me love my car again! He takes amazing pride in his work and refuses to settle for anything less than perfect. I highly recommend Mark and would definitely use him again.

I have a new 2011 RT/Classic Challenger and a jerk put a door ding in the crease. Mark came to my house and worked his magic. The dent is gone. He kicked ass, he worked on the car as if it was his own. I will use him if needed in the future. I would recommend him to my own family members. If you want your car fixed with pride and done right call Mark "M.D. Dings". Thanks again Mark, it is good to know there still are some pros's out there, take care, Burns.

I've been using Mark for about 7 years and there is absolutely no one out there better for the job. He's worked on my Mercedes 600,  Porsche Cayenne and my Jaguar XFR. I've seen the poor quality work from other paintless dent removers and Mark has actually touched up their mess for me. His work is flawless and clean! It's nice to know that I can go to the supermarket or any other crowded area where no one gives a care in the world about your pride and joy and Mark is only a phone call away. Someone dents your car one day... And its fixed the next at a very reasonable price!

Great work, Mark! I was amazed at how quickly and how cleanly you removed all the dings without a trace of new. To those looking for a professional, generous and ethical dent removal specialist, I highly recommend M.D. Dings. Mark is a perfectionist and has heart. Although Mark does all the work, "Micky" (his dog), is the main inspector as he supports the "artist" at work!

Mark has been taking care of my cars for years. He's the only person I use. His work is top notch!

Mark just did my Lexus. It had a good-sized dent in the rear fender. He did an excellent job, the dent is simply gone. It took him longer than his original guess, but his price didn't go up. I paid him more because I was so pleased!

Mark did an absolutely amazing job on a "compound fracture"in the front fender of my new car. Having done a little car body repair in my younger days, it's really baffling how this could have been done without resorting to bondo and repainting the entire fender. Yet, it's flawless. Fantastic

Mark took a small dent out of the corner of my El Camino, and it looks flawless. He is a perfectionist and if he can't get it right, he won't charge you. I thought Mark had it looking really good but he commented that it wasn't good enough yet, and if he couldn't get it any better, he wouldn't charge me for it.

Many claim to work "magic" but few can actually pull it off...Mark is the real deal!  Mark exceeded my expectations with his methodical and patient approach to working a 3” crease dent out of my quarter panel to the point where it really is visibly gone. Mark does treat each car as his own and tries to hide or minimize any visible evidence of the repair. I have a good (or bad depending on your perspective!) eye for picking out imperfections in cars and I can’t tell the dent was ever there. I am truly impressed! Mark is a real “car guy” and we spoke about cars the whole time he worked on my dent. (Added points for Mark being a Pontiac fan!) It’s very refreshing to deal with a person who takes pride in their work, truly understands customer service and is very ethical in their approach. I definitely give M.D. Dings 5 stars and would call on Mark again without hesitation. I highly recommend his work.

Aimee & Jerry
Mark did a great job. I had a tough dent that probably should have been a body shop repair but I did not want to spend the money. I was referred to Mark and he came out and repaired the dent the best he could. It was not up to his standards, so he did not charge me. I however thought it looked great and I could barely tell where the dent was. He did not want any money, but I still paid him for his time. Mark explained that he is an artist of metal and that by accepting money, he would be signing his name to this work. His standards are very high. 

WOW” is an understatement! I am the type of car owner who parks at the back of the parking lot and walks as to avoid the possibility of door dings from careless others. So then why am I writing this testimonial if I am so careful?  Well… while my Cadillac Escalade was parked inside of my garage, a plastic, but heavy sign post had tipped over and embedded a bright and shiny ½” ding on the front passenger side. Stunned and soon to be sick to my stomach I got on the computer and googled “ding repair orange county”. After checking a few different websites I knew that Mark Davis was going to be my guy to get my car back into its pristine condition. Not only did he reply to my inquiry that night, but he was at my house the very next day doing the repair!  Upon inspection of the vehicle we noticed two additional blemishes (unrelated to this incident) and without hesitation I authorized Mark to do the work and I’m glad I did because all three areas have been restored to their original finish! Mark has every reason to be confident in his craft as he takes his professional work very personally. Like me, he is a “perfectionist” by nature and very patient and understanding. He took the time to educate me on the process so that I too was confident in my decision with letting him work on my prized possession. So if you are looking for a straight up, honest guy who knows exactly what he's doing then look no further! You are on this website because of a very unfortunate incident. Make the call like I did..
and then rest assured that Mark will do whatever it takes to get the job done right! I am the broker/owner of Good Neighbor Mortgage & Realty and without any equivocation I will put my professional and personal name/reputation behind Mark’s workmanship any day of the week! Excellent job, Mark!!! Thanks again!!!

I had acquired a dent on my 2011 Camaro rear quarter panel. Mark came out took a look at it and told me "that dent doesn't look good" but he would try to work the dent out. He called me over after he had tried and had me look at it. It was almost gone, he had gotten the dent so that you could hardly see it and he had completely removed another smaller dent above it he had showed me earlier but wasn't even related! He then told me that there would be NO CHARGE because he couldn't get it to look good enough for his standards. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, so I had him fix another ding I had on my drivers door because I wanted to pay him for what he had done! This guy is truly skilled at what he does and has a down to earth persona to boot.

 Mark does excellent work! If you don't see it with your own eyes, you'll wonder how he does it. This is my second time, and again I am amazed. I bought a new car last summer and sure enough, I got a ding. So I called Mark and he came to my work and restored my car. This time I wasn't even there!! I highly recommend you call him to rid your car of that distracting ding. It's worth every penny!! Thanks Mark! 

I recently purchased a car that I had been hoping to find for quite sometime. It is a rare limited edition XKR Silverstone. While the car was in excellent condition the original owner had been discouraged after it had been backed into in a parking lot resulting in 2 significant 'creases', one in the rear quarter, and the other in the door. Upon purchasing the car I consulted with one ot the best metal and paint shops in California as this was my baby now and I was determined to have perfection!  Much to my surprise,(as this would have been a pricey profitable job for their shop), they advised that perhaps it would be worthwhile to try to find a 'master tech' PDR guy to attempt to make the repair first. I liked the prospect of saving the original paint and avoiding fillers, primers, sanding, and color matching, so I began my quest for the best!  All roads led to Mark 'Doc' Davis, he is the best. After contacting Mark and describing the damage, he agreed to drive quite a distance to see what he could do. Mark walked in, took a look at the damage and said "I think I can fix this". He also pointed out many other more subtle waves and dings and it was at that moment I realized this guy is a real craftsman.  I got out of his way and returned to my office in another area of the building. Four hours later Mark called me to come and take a look. Wow, It was hard to believe what I was seeing, really as if the there had never been any damage at all. Mark also showed me all of the other areas he had straightened out. Bottom line, Mark is a pro, his attention to detail and pride in craftsmanship is refreshing in this day and age.
Thanks Mark,
Mark, you are now officially, "My dent guy" Great work again!

Amazing is all I can say!! I was ready to sell my M5 when I discovered two dents made by a shopping cart. As I was listing it for sale I decided to see if there was another option. That's when I found Mark!  I am able to sleep again at night and got to keep my car. I am one of the pickiest people and he did an amazing job! This is the guy you want to hire! There is none better. You can see that he has the experience and dedication. I am no longer worried about dings anymore and would let him work on my car any day. And believe me, not just anyone works on my car. 


I have had Mark work on my cars a few times... I guess we are a little ding prone. Mark is a master at what he does and is the only person I trust to work on my cars. He worked on both my Mercedes and BMW today and did an amazing job on the hood of the BMW (something fell from the rafters in the garage). One ding in particular was very nasty and most people wouldn't have even tried to fix it. Needless to say, the hood looks like new and I am happy as always with his work. Give him a try... you will be happy with the results. 

I met Mark at a tire shop and asked him to look at my cars. I had another ding guy repair my car previously and hadn't been happy with the results. Mark repaired the work from the other ding guy, who had made the ding worse and I thought un-repairable. Mark is a super talent and should be the only person you call for this type of work. He is highly experienced and skilled in his trade and walks the talk. He is the only person I will call for these type of repairs and after you experience his service, the same will be for you. He is also a pleasure to do business with.

Awesome human being! Mark has to be the best in OC. Made my car look so good that I asked him come   back later in the week to do my wife's. Well worth every penny. Both cars look brand new! Thanks Mark!

Mark did an amazing job and his prices are extremely reasonable. Mark was referred by a good friend and I am comfortable referring him to other friends. He was great to work with and did a fantastic job. Thanks Mark!

Thank you Mark for the awesome job. It's no magic but your work is definitely magical. I cannot even locate where the ding was. Now, my Lexus is new again. Thank you!


I had just received delivery of my brand new satin white pearl BRZ. The vehicle transport company somehow managed to put 3 dents into the front fender of my BRZ, so as you can imagine, I was furious. I researched all the PDR places based on recommendations from a number of Porsche, Ferrari, NSX, GT86, etc... car chat forums, as well as all the highly rated PDR guys on and I narrowed it down to ten of the best guys that had nothing but 100% positive ratings. After spending hours researching on-line, I made my final decision based on the experience of the actual guy who would be doing the repair, as many PDR shops have several guys that do the repairs so you never really know who you'll get. After talking with Mark Davis, I ended up selecting him. After completing the PDR repairs,  I would highly recommend Mark. The work he did was excellent  and I don't think anyone could possibly see any hint of damage even staring closely at the fender that was damaged. His price was very reasonable, especially for the high quality of work performed. Plus, the final cost actually came in under the original estimate he gave me. As Mark said himself, "any PDR shop claiming they can only fix the dent to 90% is just making excuses for inferior work". After seeing Mark's work in person, I would agree!

I really appreciated that Mark took the time with my car and treated like it was his own.  He also explained to me every single thing that he was doing. Mark does an amazing job and I'm really glad I found him.

Mark is a true craftsman. His 20 years of experience is clearly evident in his work. He took out a small, but nasty dent on the driver side door on my Porsche Cayman, as well as a minor ding on the passenger side and even buffed out a small scratch and didn’t charge me for it.  Great work and very reasonable price. Highly recommend Mark.

I was beside myself when I saw the "ding" on my new 2013 Porsche Carrera.  Got Mark's name from a friend - called in the morning - and by 4PM that very day, Mark did his magic.  BEST IN THE BUSINESS without a doubt.  Fair prices and top notch. Better than expected results.

This guy is clearly one of the best there is. He worked on my car and my daughters car. Second to none in my book!  Truly the Doctor of Dent Removal!